How to Succeed at an Internal Interview (That Could Lead to a Promotion)


You don’t always have to hit the classifieds to find your next career move.

Have you considered moving up in your current company? The key to success for a promotion is to do well at the internal interview that will lead to the advancement of your career. So how exactly do you rock the internal interview and get that offer for a promotion? Here are several tips to help you ace it.

  • Talk to others in similar positions. If you have access to the outgoing person they will be the absolute best resource for you. Of course, this will depend on their reason for departure. If this person is no longer available or wouldn’t be an ideal resource, talk to others in your company who are in similar roles or who interact directly with the person in this position.
  • Prepare ahead of time. Just like you would with a traditional job interview, make sure you are fully prepared for an interview. You already have the inside track on what it is like working for this company, but dig deeper into the things you should know before going after this particular job. Find out data to support your candidacy and be ready to present the reasons why you’re the best fit.
  • Dress for the job you want. We are definitely not saying you should show up to the interview dressed as Batman, but you should consider the promotion when selecting your wardrobe for the day of your meeting. Even if your company is generally business casual, treat this interview like any outside interview. You want to impress upon them that you can and will dress professionally if you need to interact with customers or the public.
  • Follow up with the manager. After you’ve gone through the internal interview process, don’t drop the ball. Follow up with the supervisor or manager of the new position within about a week. See where they are with both internal and external candidates. Develop a rapport with them so they can see how you will behave when you’re working directly for them.

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