Three Ways to Prevent Injuries in the Workplace and Protect Employees


Keeping a safe and productive workplace is a must, no matter the industry. Preventing workplace injuries needs to be a prime focus whether in an office or any sized industrial workspace. Losses in productivity, increased insurance premiums, and your workers’ health are all important reasons to make injury prevention a workplace priority.

Here are three methods that help to protect your valuable team members by preventing injuries in the workplace.

Encourage your Employees to not overexert themselves

According to the 2012 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, workplace injuries due to overexertion cost employers $13.61 billion — nearly 27 percent of the total cost burden. These injuries are caused by too much exertion during lifting, carrying, or any number of physical activities.

Strongly encourage your employees to go easy when involved in any robust physical activity in the workplace. Post helpful signs throughout your workplace as a friendly reminder. Additionally, be sure to supply the proper tools to help your workers perform any exertive tasks.

Preventing Carpal Tunnel and Other Repetitive Stress Injuries

While overexertion is a major factor in causing potentially serious injuries at the workplace, your organization also needs to pay attention to carpal tunnel or other repetitive stress issues due to poor posture. These types of injuries also impact your overall productivity. Give your deskbound staff an angled foot rest and an ergonomic desk chair, while encouraging proper sitting posture to help prevent carpal tunnel.

Leverage Personal Protective Equipment in a Factory Setting

In a factory setting — large or small — personal protective equipment (PPE) is a must to prevent workplace injuries. Your employees need to have the goggles, face shields, safety glasses, and more to allow them to perform their jobs safely and effectively. PPE is not an area to save money on your expense budget.

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