Don’t Let Summer be an Excuse for Diminished Workplace Productivity

Spectrum_Boost Employee Productivity This Summer with These Tips

The summer can be long, hot, and lazy. When you still have productivity to worry about it can be hard to motivate your employees when they would rather be anywhere else besides your office. After a long winter, everyone just wants to be outside enjoying the summer sun. When your employees have cabin fever, how can you get them to concentrate on work? Here are some idea that can make the summer in your office more fun.

Offer summer hours.

Your employees want time to enjoy the weather, spend time with their families, and simply not have to think about work. There are several ways you can create a summer hours program that doesn’t impact your production. Close early on Friday afternoons. Offer employees the opportunity to work 4 10-hour days. Stagger their days off if you need to ensure office coverage.

Lunch, picnic style.

Give your staff an opportunity to get outside and be social. Have a picnic table outside the office where they can go out and enjoy their lunches. Host a barbeque once a week or have an outdoor pizza party on Fridays. If you can, provide outdoor games that can keep your staff moving in the midday so they have energy for their afternoon.

Throw a summer party.

A summer party, whether on a Saturday or over a weekend, can be one of the best ways to energize your employees. Encourage them to bring a guest or their families and enjoy some personal time with co-workers. Plan fun activities but don’t over plan, give your team some time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Give back to the community.

Engagement is goes two ways. If you are engaged with your community then your employees will be more engaged with you. Ask your team about the causes they are passionate about. Set up a volunteer event or fund raiser. Offer your team a chance to pay $1 a week to wear jeans on Friday. The money can go to the local charity of choice each month.

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