Don’t Let Your First Impression Hurt Your Hiring Chances

Spectrum_Don't Let Your First Impression Ruin your Hiring Chances

You really don’t have a second chance to make a first impression.

From your resume to your interview, your most important job is to impress the hiring manager and make them interested in knowing more. Unfortunately, it is difficult to change a company’s opinion of you if their first impression isn’t great. Here are some ways to ensure that your first impression isn’t a bad one.

Never be late.

Your first impression starts before you even arrive to your appointment. If you’re late, even if the reasons are valid, it will put a negative spin of all of your further communications. Before you go, map the location and determine your best route. If you can, take a test drive. Account for traffic. Give yourself plenty of time. It is better to wait in the parking lot than run in breathless after your appointment time. If you are late or lost, call immediately.

Practice good etiquette.

Basic manners will go a long way to making a good first impression. Your behavior in the interview will set the tone for every interaction. These suggestions are truly etiquette 101 but they are very important. Stand when someone else enters the room. Have a firm handshake. Always say please and thank you. Being polite can make all the difference between you and another candidate so go the extra mile.

Wear the right clothes.

The clothes make the man, or woman. With very few exceptions you want to wear a professional suit to an interview to make the best impression. This is the case for both men and women. Keep accessories to a minimum to avoid distractions. Never wear cologne or perfume because you never know who has a sensitivity. However, if you are directed to wear casual clothes definitely follow those orders as they may be a test, but make sure you aren’t sloppy in your appearance.

Use appropriate body language.

Body language is as important as the words you say when it comes to an interview. Non-verbal communications can say many things about a person. Don’t use body language that would be seen as intimidating or dominating. Mirror the person you’re talking to. Make a good amount of eye contact, but not too much. Make yourself seem comfortable rather than nervous. And, it should go without saying, but always turn off your cell phone.

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