Where Do You Want to be in 5 Years? Setting Career Goals and Benchmarks Along the Way

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Long term career goals are critical for success.

If you understand your own motivations you can stay on track to have the career you want at every stage of your professional development. If you find yourself out of work it is a good time to reevaluate where you’ve been and where you want to go.

Here are several things you should ask yourself when planning your next career move.

4 W’s and an H?

There are five important questions, “what, when where, why and how?” This is an old news reporting convention to ensure that journalists got the most important information up front. For each individual, the answers are going to be different. But you can use them to determine your needs and design a path that can take you to your long term goals. Where are you in your career? When do you want to achieve the next step? What is your previous experience? Why do you want this job? How can you impress the company?

Is this path a dead end?

Throughout any job search you will interview with multiple companies for a variety of positions. You don’t have to give them the same weight in your decision making process. Some of these opportunities will be a much better fit for you than others. After you meet with a company, give them a grade based on your long term goals and how well they match up to your career intentions and personal values.

How can you transition to a new career?

There are a variety of reasons that your original career path may no longer be right for you. Maybe it was a skill set that became less marketable after the recession. Or maybe you simply no longer feel challenged in that line of work. Take this time to evaluate the skills you have and what you really want to do. Then, determine how to market yourself in a new and exciting way by restating your skills to fit a new career. A recruiter can help you find this potential in your previous experience.

How can you advance your career?

When considering new job opportunities in New Jersey you will need to evaluate the business structure and any advancement opportunities. You should expect to become a c-level manager within your first few years of employment, but you should see that there are opportunities for growth within the company. If you do not, this may not be the right job for you. When you do start a job, get to know all the key players at the higher levels and make a great impression.

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