Strategies Behind Managing a Team of Diverse Personalities

Spectrum_Management Strategies for Teams with Diverse Personalities

Not everyone in your company will be motivated by the same things, and that is okay. In fact, it is desirable to have a variety of personalities and work styles in your company. This kind of diversity will increase both productivity and innovation. But, of course, they also require different management techniques and some of them may have very different personalities even from your own.

So how can you manage all of your employees in the most effective way? Here are some ideas to try starting today.

Know their personalities.

Getting to know everyone on your team is an essential first step. You need to see how everyone ticks in order to determine the best management strategy. You may have people who make only logical decisions while others rely on creativity and inspiration. There are some who love the pressure of a deadline and others who buckle under pressure. Use personality assessments, many of which can be found for free online, to get to the root of each employee’s personality.

Focus on relationship building.

Almost all personality types agree that working for micromanagers is the worst thing they can imagine professionally. You need to avoid having this reputation at your office as much as possible. Instead, build real relationships with your team members. Loyal employees will work harder and support the success of the company overall just because they feel an attachment to you and the business. You will be able to step back and rely on them to perform at the top levels.

Challenge your employees appropriately.

Many employees who quit jobs do so because they are bored and feel like they’ve hit a wall in their career. You can help solve this problem easily by providing them all with changes to break up the monotony of their day. Ask them to contribute to special projects that fit in with their specific personality trails. Look at the things the employee loves doing and focus on challenges that will engage them. These projects will be completed quickly and accurately because the employee is happy to do them.

Engage them with what they love.

Knowing what is important to each employee, and what motivates them on and off the job, is another step in managing a variety of personality traits. Some employees may be focused on career advancement while others are more concerned about ensuring they have the proper work/life balance. Use these motivations as rewards and incentives to perform well and you will start to see them go the extra mile.

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