Improve Team Productivity by First Understanding How Each Individual Works

Improve Team Productivity by Understanding Each Individual

There may not be an “I” in team – but that doesn’t mean that each member’s needs are unimportant.

In fact, quite the opposite is true. To maximize the performance of your work team, you must simultaneously consider the needs of both the group and its members.

Sound a little confusing? Today’s post will help you sort things out. Below, we offer four practical tips for meeting individuals’ needs to benefit the whole group:

Understand each member.

What makes each person tick? What are each individual’s intrinsic motivators? Some people work best when they connect face-to-face with teammates; others perform at their peak when they complete assigned tasks independently. When you assemble your work team, spend a little time upfront considering individuals’ strengths, work styles and needs.

Align individual and group needs.

To get the most from individual members (and the best results from the group), consider the way each person works best when you assign responsibilities. By using your emotional intelligence to align tasks with individuals’ strengths, you’ll optimize the team’s performance.

Provide an optimal level of challenge.

Some of your employees are probably upwardly mobile and crave tough challenges; others may become anxious when asked to tackle unfamiliar tasks. When creating team roles, make sure each member has enough challenge to stretch and grow, without being intimidated.

Help individuals block time accordingly.

Once tasks are delegated, help team members “get into the zone” and maximize productivity by planning their time effectively. Foster a culture that permits employees to block out distractions (such as email and phone calls) for focused work, while still getting the “face time” needed for group activities.

As a manager, it’s up to you to find ways to help your employees work smarter and more efficiently. By considering individual strengths and differences, and then creating the right work environment, you’ll allow team members to:

  • Fully engage in tasks, both cognitively and emotionally
  • Increase intrinsic motivation, creativity and innovation
  • Maximize efficiency and productivity

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