The Impact Regular Recognition has on Workplace Culture

The Impact Regular Recognition has on Workplace Culture

Want to build a better workplace culture?

Start by recognizing your employees’ accomplishments. Giving a well-deserved “pat on the back” is more than just a nice thing to do. An effective employee recognition system:

  • Increases employee engagement and loyalty;
  • Rewards behaviors that drive key outcomes like higher levels of efficiency and customer service;
  • Reinforces your company’s values;
  • Makes your organization a more friendly and inviting place to work.



And these results are measurable. In fact, research from Bersin & Associates shows that, in organizations where regular recognition occurs, productivity, engagement and customer service are about 14 percent higher than in those where recognition doesn’t occur.

But for your recognition program to truly build a more positive culture, you must tread carefully. Without a sound plan, well-intentioned efforts may wind up creating unhealthy competition and resentment (and nobody wants that!).

Use these tips from Spectrum Staffing Services to recognize employees in a way that truly improves workplace culture:

Reward specific results and behaviors.

Instead of handing out a generic “employee of the month” award, recognize an employee for the great job he did providing exceptional customer service for a tough client. Detail the effort, time and commitment he showed to warrant your praise.

Provide equal opportunities for recognition.

Make sure that your process is fair and consistent – and that all employees (regardless of their rank, tenure or role) have opportunities to be recognized for their accomplishments and contributions. Perhaps most importantly, never allow managers to arbitrarily choose employees to be recognized, as it will likely be viewed as favoritism by your staff.

Recognize behaviors that match your organization’s ideals.

For your recognition efforts to truly build your culture, they should match your organization’s core values. So use those values to create the blueprint for why, who, when and how you reward employees. At the end of the day, a recognition program that aligns with your mission and vision is much more effective in building your desired culture.

Build a better workplace culture with a smart staffing strategy.

Partnering with a leading staffing agency like Spectrum Staffing Services is a great way to improve your company’s culture. Our services can support your team – and create a positive work environment:

  • Recognize a deserving employee’s accomplishments by treating them to a paid day off. We can provide a replacement worker for the day!
  • Bring in temporary workers during your busiest times, to alleviate the stress on your direct employees and keep them working at peak efficiency.
  • Allow us to recruit exceptional full-time candidates whose work ethic and attitude complement your culture.

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