Don’t Miss Out On Opportunity | What Should Your Email Signature Contain?

What Should a Job Seeker's Email Signature Contain

The modern job hunting process is mainly online, so job seekers need to take advantage of any and all options available to present themselves in the best manner electronically. One simple way to make your online job searching more effective is through a well-thought out email signature. It makes you look professional, tech savvy, and accessible if done correctly. An email signature in correspondence to hiring managers should include:

  1. Name

Depending on email settings by either you or the company for which you’re applying, only your email address may show up in the “To” or “From” section of the email instead of your name. This is why it’s important to have an email signature that includes your full name so that the recipients know immediately who the email is from.

  1. Title/Position

Your email signature should describe either what you currently do for a living, or if you’re between jobs, what profession you have experience in. People who read your emails will gain a clear idea of what your background and qualifications are, just by seeing a title or position under your name.

  1. Contact Information

Make it as absolutely easy as possible for hiring managers to get back to you by adding your phone number(s) and any other contact information. This will help facilitate an offline follow-up interaction since the recipient won’t have to track down your information from an application or other attachment (and risk you being forgotten about).

  1. Relevant Links

If you have a professional online presence that would benefit your job search efforts and showcase your qualifications, be sure to tack those links onto your email signature. This could include your LinkedIn or other social media accounts, links to an online portfolio, or any other links that would demonstrate your abilities.

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