Industry Survey Results: Part 1

July 2015 Industry Survey Conducted By Spectrum Staffing Services-Part 1

Spectrum Staffing Services polled a sample of national companies on a variety of hiring-related topics, including current hiring processes and staffing preferences, hiring plans and goals, and their industry outlook for the fourth quarter of 2015. Take a look at part one of the key survey findings:

Companies Surveyed Across a Variety of Industries

A range of industries were represented in the companies that were polled, demonstrating that many hiring topics tend to be somewhat universal. The percentage of companies surveyed by industry are as follows:

  • 27% – Manufacturing
  • 18% – Pharmaceutical/Medical Device/Bio Medical
  • 14% – Service
  • 11% – Insurance
  • 9% – Engineering/Construction
  • 7% – Accounting/Finance
  • 7% – Retail
  • 5% – Other
  • 2% – Consulting

Temporary/Contract Employment a Common Staffing Solution

While temps/contractors were once mainly thought of as being particular to more seasonal industries, our survey indicated that these workers are a common occurrence across industries. Over three-quarters of the companies polled reported that they were currently using temps/contractors. Temps/contractors are also being converted into actual staff – 10% of companies reporting hiring on contingent workers on a full-time basis.

Both Temporary and Direct Hire Placement on the Rise

While the majority of industries polled reported that they have the desire to increase both temp/contractor usage and direct hire placement, the rates vary depending on the specific industry:

  • Engineering/Construction had the highest desire for overall hiring – 100% of these companies indicated they would increase temp/contractor usage, and 80% would increase direct hire placement as well.
  • Pharmaceutical/Medical Device/Bio Medical companies also have a high desire for hiring, but are more inclined for temps/contractors – 90% of these companies indicated they would increase temp/contractor usage versus 60% that indicated they would increase direct hire placements.
  • Service companies don’t have quite as high of an overall need/plan for hiring as the aforementioned industries, but the majority of service companies are still desiring to hire in somewhat comparable splits between temps/contractors (75%) and direct hire (63%).
  • Insurance companies reported one of the lower rates of indicating they would increase hiring, but their reported needs were equally split – 33% of companies would increase temp/contractors and 33% would also increase direct hire placements.

Mixed Feelings on Temp to Hire

Temp to hire is structured to be as beneficial and low-risk to employers as possible, and companies are largely having a positive experience: 85% of the companies surveyed indicated that temp to hire is a successful way to hire top talent. However, they also reported that it needs to be included as part of an overall hiring strategy in that relying too heavily on temp to hire poses the risk of not being able to access top talent.

Results indicate that utilizing staffing firms is likely to be a mainstay in organizational hiring strategies. When selecting a staffing firm, focus on one with experience combined with courtesy and professional service. Spectrum Staffing Services has been serving clients nationwide with their staffing and recruitment needs, from temporary to direct placement, for over 25 years. Contact Spectrum today to learn more about our staffing and recruitment services.

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