Hiring in 2015 | Industry Survey Results: Part 2

July 2015 Industry Survey Conducted By Spectrum Staffing Services-Part 2

In July 2015, Spectrum Staffing Services conducted an industry survey of companies to forecast trends and uncover strategies and preferences related to the recruiting and hiring process, including staffing firms and temporary employment. Here is part two of the highlights of our industry survey results (click here to review part one of Spectrum Staffing Services’ 2015 industry survey):

Temporary/Contract Hiring on the Rise

The majority of companies surveyed do not plan to slow down hiring to close out the year. 62% of companies reported that they plan on increasing temporary/contractor hiring for the remainder of 2015. This is likely due to a variety of possible factors, including the need for additional help for seasonal demand, vacation coverage during the holidays, or utilizing temps if the budget doesn’t allow for permanent hires. The fiscal year for most companies is the end of the calendar year, which may account for the need for cost-saving measures of temporary/contract hiring.

Hiring Process Becoming Longer

Hiring timelines are not as quick and efficient as hoped for across the board with respondents. More than 80% of the companies polled indicated that hiring timelines increased or even doubled from the original plan. The most commonly reported factors for delaying hiring decisions were: decision makers delaying communication of feedback and sudden changes in the job itself, in terms of description or requirements.

Hiring Managers Prefer Significant HR Involvement with Staffing Firms

When utilizing the services of staffing firms, hiring managers prefer to delegate the majority of the communication to human resources. The majority of companies reported their policy is to direct all communication from staffing companies through their human resources department or at least have human resources involved or updated at every step.

An effective hiring process and use of staffing firms is targeted and approached with strategy, and takes into account an organization’s unique goals and requirements for their specific positions. Spectrum Staffing Services has been a trusted resource for some of the nation’s largest companies and their hiring needs for over 25 years. Our recruiters have industry expertise to find the top talent in scientific/pharmaceutical, engineering, and human resources/business operations placement. Contact Spectrum  today to learn more about our business and staffing solutions.

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