Should You Let Your Employees Use Wearable Technology During Business Hours?


Wearable technology, from fitness monitors to smart watches, is increasingly being adopted by users. While it is unlikely to replace laptops, smartphones, or other devices anytime soon, wearable technology is making its way into the workplace by employees and even some businesses. Learn about some of the factors to take into consideration when determining if you should let your employees use wearable technology during business hours:

  • Employee Health

Allowing or encouraging employees to wear fitness tracking wearable technology can help save you big on health expenses caused by lifestyle-related health issues. In fact, some companies have even incorporated these fitness trackers into their employee wellness programs by offering incentives for participants. These trackers can count calories burned and even monitor sleep patterns, which may motivate employees to take better care of their health and reduce health care expenditures and absenteeism.

  • Productivity

Wearable technology further increases the amount of accessibility employees have across devices since smart watches can be synced with their smart phones and email. This does allow employees more opportunity to work remotely or be able to work uninterrupted if other company-provided computers malfunction. Employees can also set up notifications to help them manage their time. Even if it is used for personal purposes, it may provide valuable experience in staying organized and on-task. On the other hand, there are also opportunities for distraction, so you’d need to set expectations on their usage during company time.

  • Could Help Employees Improve Analysis Skills

As big data becomes more pervasive across in the world of business, data analysis will likely become an in-demand skill. Wearable technology can be a way for employees to become familiar with collecting their own personal data and analyzing it to make conclusions – even if it’s just for physical fitness purposes, it’s a way to help employees develop a highly valuable transferable skill.

  • Security

If you are determining your official stance on allowing wearable technology in the workplace, security is a topic that must be addressed. The major benefit of much of the wearable technology devices is their ability to easily synchronize data across devices; therefore, if your employees intend to use the technology for work purposes, clear guidelines are necessary to outline how to handle sensitive organizational information. For some workplaces, the security risk may be too high to allow for wearable technology.

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