Overcoming Workplace Pressure from Upper Management


A certain amount of pressure is to be expected in the workplace, from the pressure you put on yourself to achieve your goals to the mounting pressure from upper management. It can be challenging to handle it effectively, while still keeping your team motivated and productive. Overcome workplace pressure from upper management with these tips:

Be Empathetic
How you choose to frame upper management’s behavior in your mind can majorly influence how well you deal with it. Consider their perspective and give them the benefit of the doubt rather than jumping to the worst conclusion. Thinking about their point of view and what could be contributing to their actions can help you handle the situation more objectively or at the very least, see them as a relatable person.

Focus on Solutions
Whenever you have an encounter with upper management, make it a goal to bring up solutions whenever problems are discussed. If they are discussing short-comings, be the one to ask, “What can we do to fix this/ensure it doesn’t happen again?” Once you gain a reputation of problem solver, upper management will likely back down on pressuring you because you’ll have their trust.

Discuss Priorities
The logistics of the tasks that upper management assigns you are generally going to be outside of their own daily responsibilities, so they may not realize if they are piling on too much of a workload or having unrealistic expectations for deadlines. When you’re experiencing mounting pressure for conflicting priorities, ask for upper management’s input on which priorities you should be focusing on and which ones can be put on hold so you can be confident your efforts are going to the most impactful areas.

Take Care of Yourself
A common way of dealing with workplace pressure is to succumb to it in the form of long hours in the office – at the sacrifice of healthy meals, adequate sleep, and physical activity. Besides the physical toll, overworking yourself can have emotional effects and make you prone to burnout. Even if you feel like you have no time to spare, include self-care on your To Do list. It allows you to be more clear-headed and able to overcome workplace pressure.

The ability to handle and thrive under pressure is a necessary workplace competency, but if it becomes overwhelming, it’s likely a sign of a bad fit. Find an opportunity that aligns with your skills and work style with the help of a staffing firm like Spectrum Staffing Services. For over 25 years, we have provided staffing and recruitment services for employers nationwide. Get started – search Spectrum’s current open positions.

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