Preparing for Quarter 4 of 2015 | Are You Ready to Pass Your Annual Goals?


When you set or received your annual goals at the start of the year, the end likely seemed so far off – but with the fourth quarter approaching, the clock is ticking on delivering your results. Whether you’re right on track or aren’t quite to where you had projected to be, you can finish off the year strong. Use these tips to be prepare for quarter 4 of 2015 and pass your annual goals:

Project Changes in Demand
Before you can plan your strategy for achieving your annual goals, ensure you have realistic expectations on any changes that are likely to occur in the fourth quarter that may affect your workload. Prepare accordingly by looking at previous year’s sales figures or other applicable records to get a sense of any additional responsibilities you’ll need to take into account.

Reevaluate Priorities and Areas of Improvement
Take an objective look at your and your team’s performance and results during the previous three quarters of 2015. Determine your top priorities for the remaining quarter, based on how much you achieved and whether you’re on schedule. This is also a time to take stock of where you may have fallen short and what solutions can be put into place to address these challenges.

Develop a Plan with Milestones and Action Items
Once you have a clear idea of how much progress still needs to be made to pass your annual goals, create a timeline for key steps and their deadlines. Break the larger projects into small, actionable steps to help you stay on task and move forward and prevent any last minute scrambles. This also helps your team not get overwhelmed with any big looming projects.

Get Your Team on Board
The key to success in accomplishing annual goals is keeping yourself and your team engaged. Maintain motivation and hold everyone accountable for their contributions with a visual monitor of the progress and how far they have left to go, such as a bar graph. You can also help your employees feel ownership by asking for their input on their contributions and any other feedback.

Achieving your goals requires more than effort – the foundation for success starts with having motivated and skilled employees on your team. Find the top talent to join your team and help pass your annual goals with the help of an experienced staffing firm. Spectrum Staffing Services has been serving clients nationwide with their staffing and recruitment needs, from temporary to direct placement, for over 25 years. Contact Spectrum today to learn more about our staffing and recruitment services.

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