Your Cover Letter Should Definitely Include These 3 Things


At the surface, cover letters seem like a simple part of the application process, but many job seekers find themselves toiling over those few paragraphs that could make or break their consideration for the position. Cover letters should accompany your resume, as well as strengthen and build upon it – not just summarize what’s on it.

Stand out from your competition and get the attention of hiring managers by including these key parts of a cover letter.

Why You Should Be Considered

When a hiring manager receives resumes for a job posting, they are likely very similar in terms of qualifications. Your cover letter should always include an explanation regarding what makes you stand out as a great fit for the role. Be detailed and show what makes you particularly suited for the job when compared to others with similar qualifications. Your goal is to have the cover letter guide the reader into creating an image of you that separates you from the other candidates – similar to how companies that sell similar products “brand” themselves as their own unique entities.

Your Interest in the Specific Company

If a hiring manager can sense that you’re using a generic template and sending out essentially the same cover letter for every job for which you apply, he or she is less likely to consider you. Candidates that are enthusiastic about the particular opportunity tend to be viewed more favorably than talented and qualified candidates that seem to just want any job. In your cover letter, include what interests you about the company, as well as any specific details that show you’ve done your research, such as mentioning a recent press release or new offering.

Your Personality

Give the hiring manager an idea of what type of person you are through your cover letter. While you should remain professional, you also want the reader to get a sense of what type of employee you would be and what it would be like to work with you each day. Write your cover letters in your “voice”, include specific anecdotes, etc. Skills are what get people in the door, but personality and attitude are what make for a long-term mutually beneficial work situation, so let your cover letter demonstrate who you are.

A cover letter is just one factor in a successful job search. Get connected to employers looking for candidates like you by working with a staffing firm like Spectrum Staffing Services. For over 25 years, we have provided staffing and recruitment services for employers nationwide. Take the first step to finding a job and search Spectrum’s current open positions.

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