Is it Time to Start Growing Your Workforce?


Having a balanced staff, in which there is a harmony between the amount of work and the number of employees, is among one of the most high priority objectives of business owners. Too many employees leads to wasted money, while too few results in the inability to maintain pace with the workload. When determining if it’s time to start increasing staff, consider these factors to make an informed decision:

Business Goals

If you are ready to expand your business through offering additional products or services, it may be wise to hire additional staff. Often by the time your growth efforts take off and it’s clear that you need more staff, it ends up being a rushed and often not well-thought out process. However, if you’re satisfied with your current business model, your funds may be better allocated in a different area.


Take a look at your current demand – if it has grown exponentially more quickly than in previous years, it may be time to start hiring so you can keep pace. Bringing on temporary employees can be a short-term solution to help you evaluate if you need additional staff without the commitment if the demand doesn’t end up requiring more permanent staff members.

Customer Service

An indirect sign that it may be time to increase your staff is changes in customer or client feedback. If once stellar service has started slipping, it’s often due to your current team not being able to devote enough attention due to having an increased workload. Being understaffed to the point of causing dissatisfaction to your customer base could end up costing much more in lost profits than an additional staffing expense.

Current Employees

Besides customer satisfaction, your current employees’ satisfaction levels can be an indicator of the need for bringing on more workers. Even if there are no outright complaints about being overworked, there may be more subtle signs, including a drop in overall morale, increased absenteeism, and a decline in standards of formerly high performers. If being overworked continues, you may lose valuable employees due to burnout.

Necessary Skill Sets

A balanced staff isn’t just about the right number of employees, it also includes an optimal assortment of skills and expertise. If you notice a lack of skills in a key specialty, it may be time to not just hire more people, but carefully target a precise set of qualifications that aren’t available within your current staff.

If now is the time to hire, consider utilizing a staffing firm to free up your time while still receiving candidates that meet your targeted needs. Spectrum Staffing Services has been serving clients nationwide with their staffing and recruitment needs, from temporary to direct placement, for over 25 years. Contact Spectrum today to learn more about our staffing and recruitment services.

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