The Key Strategies Behind Bringing Out the Best in Your Employees


The quality of leadership is often the deciding factor on whether or not employees achieve their potential. As a manager, you do your best to hire candidates that have the talent and traits needed for success, but often they need a bit of a push to really fulfill their promise. Learn how you can bring out the best in your employees with these key management leadership strategies:

Openly Request Perspectives and Truly Listen

Before you can effectively manage your employees’ potential, you have to gather information and gain insight into their characteristics, skills, mindsets, and personal motivations.  Solicit their opinions on workplace issues, ask questions about their professional interests, and listen to their input. You’ll get a clearer idea on their strengths and weaknesses, and can determine how to guide them appropriately.

Allow Yourself to Be Vulnerable

Commanding respect as a manager doesn’t require your employees to view you as a perfect leader who never makes mistakes. Level with your employees and admit if you are wrong or share instances of when you’ve made past mistakes. This helps create a more trusting relationship, which in turn will likely make them more loyal to you and want to perform to higher standards and collaborate effectively. Plus, by being vulnerable about past shortcomings, you will teach your employees how to learn from errors and bounce back.

Pay Attention to Overcoming Any Personal Biases

Your employees won’t believe in themselves if they sense that you don’t believe in them. Practice self-awareness and introspection to determine any areas in which you may have preconceived notions about particular employees. Sometimes it’s the employees you least suspect who may have the most potential, but fall quietly under the radar because of a lack of self-promotion. Provide equal opportunities for advancement, whether through actual promotion consideration, as chances to head up projects, or allowing them to take on new tasks that will help them grow professionally. There may not always be a successful outcome, but you may end up pleasantly surprised at who your top performers truly are.

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