A Tip on Thanksgiving | Showing Your Employees You Appreciate Them


Thanksgiving is intended to be the time to express one’s gratitude, and since your employees are such a major part of your daily life, they deserve to be recognized as well. Regardless of the holiday, employees who feel valued by their employers generally have higher levels of job satisfaction and engagement, along with higher morale. Use these tips to show your employees you appreciate them this Thanksgiving:

Acknowledge Their Role in Company Success

Most leaders know that they couldn’t do it all alone, so show your humble side and express to your employees exactly how they have helped the company achieve its goals. Often employees can feel like leadership is out of touch about the lower level work that makes the company function on a daily basis. Tell them how they have helped you professionally as a manager – the more specific your sentiments, the more touched they’ll be by your candor.

Organize a Holiday Event

What better way to bring a festive mood to the office than to host a Thanksgiving themed event? The holidays are likely at the top of your employees’ minds, so instead of forcing them to push through, acknowledge Thanksgiving with a fun office event. Even if it’s a small, affordable potluck, your employees will appreciate that you went through the effort. Plus, it gives them a much deserved break and facilitates the personal connections that contribute to effective teamwork.

Make It Personal

While a public declaration regarding how much you appreciate your employees as a whole will be welcomed, taking the time to recognize individual employees for their specific efforts is even more considerate. You could write quick thank you notes or sit down for a face-to-face – whatever method you use, try to make your compliments personal so each employee feels valued for their own contributions.

Give a Thoughtful Gift

A physical token of your appreciation is a simple, yet effective way to convey your gratitude to your employees for Thanksgiving. The more personal and less generic the gift, the better! For instance, if you know your employees are big coffee drinkers, you could purchase individual coffee store gift cards or pool the funds for a group gift of a fancy new coffee maker for the office.

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