Making Friends When You’re the New Employee in the Conference Room


Starting a new job can feel like the first day of school all over again, with worries about how well you’ll fit in. Getting along with your new coworkers can play an important part in how effectively you can do your job. Not only will it help you work better as a team, but having friends at work can make you more engaged because you enjoy the atmosphere.

Check out these ways to break the ice and start making friends when you’re the new employee in the conference room.

Show Interest in Others

One of the top qualities that tends to make people considered likeable is how genuinely they seem to want to connect with others. Instead of worrying about trying to impress your coworkers with the “right” things to say, simply ask them questions about themselves. Actively listen, rather than thinking about what you’ll say next, and you’ll truly get to know them more than if you tried to dazzle them with witty remarks.

Project a Positive Attitude

Negative people can be draining to be around, so focus your efforts on being upbeat around your new colleagues. Focus on the bright side and avoid complaining – even if it’s a relatively mild complaint, such as about the weather, it can give a bad impression. Until you get to know your colleagues on a more personal level and they gain a more overall and accurate impression of you, don’t give them any reason to think you’re a downer.

Accept As Many Invitations as Possible

Every time an informal work gathering takes place, such as lunch or coffee breaks, make it your mission to attend. It can be difficult to form relationships with your coworkers when you’re actually on the clock, especially if you have a structured workplace setup that doesn’t allow for moving around or talking. If no one is inviting you for lunch or coffee, be proactive. Set a goal of having lunch with two new people a week, for instance.

Extend Offers to Help

As a new employee, you can endear yourself to your new coworkers by jumping right in and making yourself as helpful as possible. Volunteer when managers make requests, and ask your coworkers if there’s anything they need help with. Not only are you demonstrating that you’re a team player, but you’ll also gain the opportunity to have closer contact and get to know your coworkers.

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