Empowering New Employees to Think Outside the Box

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When new employees begin working at a company, they are most likely to focus their efforts on learning their responsibilities and acclimating to the culture. They may not feel they are in a position to provide new ideas, but their fresh perspective may be just what your company needs. Empower new employees to think outside the box with these tips:

Outline Their Roles in the Company Mission

In order for new employees to be able to start coming up with valuable ideas, they need to know what goals they should be aiming to accomplish with thinking outside the box. Sit down with them and go over the company’s mission and how their particular duties play a part in that – no matter how small. Having an idea of how their jobs relate to the bigger picture demonstrates to them that their contributions matter. This will encourage them to think more strategically instead of just doing their job – no more, no less.

Express Your Enthusiasm to Hear Their Thoughts

Prevent new employees from having the impression that you’re just paying lip service when you tell them you want them to be creative and come up with new ideas. Ensure they know you are truly serious in your desire. Get them excited to think outside the box by telling them how eager you are to have their specific talents bring forth positive change. Be genuine and talk to the employee on a personal level, instead of offhandedly telling them to feel free to let you know if they ever have ideas – you may be pleasantly surprised at their willingness.

Provide Time for Strategic Thinking

There’s a dilemma that many employees experience – being told of the need for thinking of new ideas, but yet feeling pressured by management to devote their time to more immediate issues. For new employees to be empowered to think outside the box, communicate to them that you consider doing so a priority. They may need assistance at first to determine how to include it within their current workload, but there won’t be any misunderstandings going forward about the importance of making time for strategic thinking.

Be Accessible for Follow-Up

Put an official system in place for new employees to submit their ideas. Whether it’s a recurring brainstorming meeting or some other channel, it’s necessary for them to see that their ideas are actually being followed up on, in some form. Otherwise, you risk losing their engagement and they may not be inclined to provide new ideas that won’t actually be discussed or considered.

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