New Year New Mission. What Will Your Team Achieve in 2016?

What Will Your Team Achieve in 2016?

The start of the year often serves as a time for companies to reflect on their performance for the previous year and to focus on the future. To get the results you know your team can achieve in the upcoming year, they need an action plan that points them in the right direction. Get your team off to a great start for 2016 with these tips for creating effective employee goals:

Get Employee Input

Your employees will be more invested in the outcome of their goals if they have a say in developing them. Schedule one-on-one meetings with your employees to ask about their professional goals, and see how you can tie that into the organization’s larger goals. This will increase their engagement and keep them motivated. Plus, employee input can help ensure that your goals are realistic for their skills and workloads.

Set Challenging but Achievable Goals

You want to give your team something to strive for, but if it’s so far out of reach or too vague, it will seem unattainable or cause them to flounder aimlessly. Think of actionable and measurable goals that will require growth on the employee’s part, but aren’t unrealistic. Provide as much detail as possible so there’s no miscommunication about how you will be measuring the successfulness of their performances.

Track Progress

Make your employees feel accountable for the results of their goals and maintain their motivation throughout the year by tracking the progress and sharing the status with them. Make a visual reminder, such as a chart or even just a list, to make the goals seem more “real” and attainable. This will also show how far they have come and provide a boost if they’re feeling down.

Provide Support

Your team will achieve more if they feel like you are on their side and want them to succeed, rather than approaching it as a “pass or fail” judgment of their abilities. Regularly sit down with your employees and discuss any challenges they are experiencing that are preventing them from accomplishing their goals and give advice or input as needed.

Celebrate Milestones

The motivation to achieve your new mission in the new year can start to lose its luster a few months in. Renew that passion from the start of the year by dividing larger goals into smaller milestone achievements. When your team reaches those milestones, provide some form of recognition. Even just a personal “kudos” shows that you value your employees’ contributions and acknowledge their effort.

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