Refocusing Your Job Search Efforts During the Winter Months


A job search can be grueling and a rollercoaster of emotions. Maintaining motivation can be a struggle, whether you’ve been at it for a while or you’re at the beginning but feel like there’s no end in sight. Adjust your mindset and set yourself up for success with these tips for refocusing your job search efforts during the winter months:

Create a New Search Routine

Make all of the tasks associated with your job search seem less overwhelming by creating a routine. Be productive and ensure that key tasks don’t get forgotten about. List out all of the items necessary for job hunting, such as networking, reviewing job postings, researching companies, tailoring your resume, etc. Then divide your schedule into blocks of time and assign each task to a designated block. Commit to your routine and treat it as seriously as an actual job.

Makeover Your Resume and Cover Letter

If your job search efforts haven’t produced the outcome you desire, go back to the basics and review the foundation of any job search: your resume and cover letter. Replace passive listings of previous responsibilities with actions any noteworthy accomplishments. For any job you apply for, tailor your resume and cover letter specifically for that listing. Use keywords from the description and reorganize your resume bullet points to highlight the ones most important to the particular position. This way you’re submitting materials that market you best for each position.

Try Out New Job Sources

Venture outside of the general online job boards and refocus your job search efforts on job sources that are off the beaten path. This includes industry specific listings, company websites, or staffing agencies. While the number of available positions may be smaller, they’ll likely be higher quality, more targeted to your needs, and have less candidates to compete against.

Challenge Yourself with a Goal

Keeps things interesting and gamify your job search. Set goals for certain achievements (such as emailing two contacts per week for four weeks straight) and reward yourself when you reach them (with a fun activity or time with friends). Having clear cut goals makes it easier to measure your progress and know you’re on the right track instead of realizing you’ve put in weeks of effort without realizing specifically what you accomplished.

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