The Top 3 HR Resources from Spectrum Staffing Services in 2015

Spectrum_Top3 HRResources

From hiring candidates to fill open positions to managing the workplace effectively, organizational leadership is truly multi-faceted. Spectrum Staffing Services strives to provide valuable services to our clients through our workforce solutions. Take a look at the top three HR resources from Spectrum Staffing Services from 2015:

4 Ways to Encourage Teamwork Within the Office

Teamwork is an integral part of making an organization more productive and innovative. Different employees have varying strengths and perspectives that can cause conflict or bring about positive change – depending on how the teamwork environment is cultivated. Foster a collaborative environment in an organic way, rather than trying to use tired motivational clichés or dreaded team building exercises, that will bring about natural and effective interactions with these tips presented in “4 Ways to Encourage Teamwork Within the Office.”

Industry Survey Results: Part 1

At the halfway point of 2015, Spectrum Staffing Services polled a sample of national companies across a range of industries on a variety of hiring-related topics, including their current hiring processes and staffing preferences, as well as hiring plans and goals, and their industry outlook for the fourth quarter of 2015. Check out the survey findings in “Industry Survey Results: Part 1” to see how your organization’s viewpoint compares and to brainstorm ideas and projections for 2016.

Strategies Behind Managing a Team of Diverse Personalities

There is no one standard management technique that you can apply to all employees. With diverse personalities and work styles comes different motivators and mindsets. A “one size fits all” management approach can result in valuable potential never being realized in certain employees and can hinder productivity and collaboration. Learn about how to adapt your management technique to effectively lead different types of employees in “Strategies Behind Managing a Team of Diverse Personalities.”

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