3 Job Search Behaviors to Leave in 2015

3 Job Search Behaviors to Leave in 2016

Even with effort and good intentions, your job search may not be successful if you’re inadvertently making mistakes that result in hiring managers passing you over. There are a lot of misconceptions or outdated information about job searches, so you may not know where you’re going wrong. Resolve in 2016 to stop making these common job search mistakes.

Valuing Hardcore Effort Over Consistency

Putting job searching best practices into place won’t yield the results you’re looking for if you only do it periodically. Effective job searching requires regularly putting forth effort on a steady basis. Performing huge bursts of work only when you have the motivation puts you at a disadvantage due to timing – you never know when your dream job will be available, so you could miss out if you’re not consistently looking and applying. Set up a job search routine and stick to it in 2016.

Using a Generic Resume

One resume certainly does not fit all when applying for jobs. You likely have a variety of skills, but they are not typically going to hold the same weight for different jobs. Get noticed by hiring managers more in 2016 by devoting the time to thoroughly review job descriptions and determine what the most important skills are for the positions. Each time, update your resume to highlight your most relevant skills for the particular position so hiring managers can tell at a glance that you’re qualified.

Sticking to the Same Sources

The more general a job source, the more time you’ll have to waste wading through unrelated jobs and the more competition you’ll have for the jobs you are qualified for. This year, make it a goal to switch up where you look for jobs. Rather than relying on the same online job boards that haven’t been successful, start going directly to company websites, asking people in your network for job leads, or working with a staffing firm.

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