The Biggest Reasons to Trust a Staffing Firm with Your Hiring in 2016

The Biggest Reasons to Trust a Staffing Firm with Your Hiring in 2016


There’s little margin for error when it comes to hiring. Bad hires come at a high cost, from the actual expenses to the drop in productivity and morale. Unfortunately, many hiring managers feel pressured to fill positions quickly, leaving room for errors in judgment or settling for mediocre candidates. Delegating the hiring process to a third party may be the solution – check out the biggest reasons to trust a staffing firm with your hiring in 2016:

Increases Flexibility

It can be challenging to maintain the optimal amount of staff members when demand is at a sudden influx. Working with a staffing firm allows you to quickly bring on employees during times of high demand. You can supplement your main staff as necessary to keep productivity up without burning out your employees or spending on overtime costs.

Save Money

Staffing firms can cut hiring costs in a variety of ways. They eliminate the need to advertise openings across multiple paid channels, can hire more quickly so you don’t lose out on business due to being short-staffed, and can reduce bad hires due to their expertise at assessing and placing candidates.

Reduces Commitment

Making confident hiring decisions is tough – how can you tell who simply looks good on paper or gives a good interview versus the candidates who will actually perform well once hired? Using a staffing firm for your hiring can allow you to “try before you buy” and get a preview of how temporary employees actually work. If you’re satisfied, you could opt for a temp-to-hire arrangement, and if not, you can move on with no obligation.

Assists with Compliance

Federal labor regulations are complicated and ever-changing, but if you trust a staffing firm with your hiring, they can ensure that employees are in compliance with labor laws. They can handle payroll, ensure proper deductions for taxes, and any other regulatory issues that are necessary with temporary employees.

Improves Productivity

Ultimately, in order to hire effectively, you have to be able to devote a significant amount of time. If you use a staffing firm to find candidates, you can free up time for your in-house employees to focus their time on more urgent or revenue generating activities, while still receiving top notch candidates.

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