Don’t Just Think About It…Write Down Your Career Goals for 2016

Don't Just Think About It…Write Down Your Career Goals for 2016

The start of a year may bring a renewed sense of motivation and leave you itching to achieve your career dreams. Before you can reach any destination, you have to figure out how to get there – this is why goal setting is so important. Not just thinking about your goals, but actually writing them down can help you make more progress for a variety of reasons.

Transforms Vague Ideas into Concrete Goals

Writing down your career goals is the first step into making your daydreams into a reality. The act of recording your objectives makes you take the time to pause and clearly define what you want to accomplish. Once you’ve clarified your goals, you’ll have a stronger foundation in place from which to work.

Makes It Easier to Plan Steps

Having your goals laid out in front of you in writing facilitates the act of brainstorming the small, concrete actions necessary to move you toward your desired end result. It’s easier to work backwards from the goal to see what steps are required. Once you have the steps laid out, you are in a better position to take action that is intentional and more likely to gain progress toward your goal than just winging it.

Helps You Stay Accountable

A major benefit of writing down your career goals is to give you a point of reference to see how far you’ve come and what you still need to do. It can be very motivating during times of struggle to simply look at your recorded goals and remind yourself of why the actions you’re taking will pay off eventually if you stick to them.

Feels More Like a Commitment

Writing down your career goals can psychologically make them seem more official. It symbolizes that you’re serious about accomplishing them – they’re no longer a far off daydream, but a strategic plan you’re embarking on. Having this feeling of commitment can keep you engaged in the process, even when in the moment you may not want to, because you’ve promised yourself.

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