How Can You Build a Truly Pro Bowl Worthy Workforce?

How Can You Build a Truly Pro Bowl Worthy Workforce

As the 2016 NFL Pro Bowl approaches, it may seem like a matchup between football’s all-star players isn’t exactly relevant to the workplace.

However, the same key tactics used to create top team players can be adopted to make you an effective leader to your employees.

How to Build a Pro Bowl Worthy Workforce 

Create a Game Plan

When coaches are building a roster, they do so with strategy by determining their team’s current goals, strengths and weaknesses. They then use that information to decide what players they need on the team, in terms of position, potential, and personality. Utilize this for your hiring by drafting set criteria for candidate evaluation to ensure you are making the most objective hiring choices that truly fit your needs.

Brand Your Team

Top talent, whether football players or candidates for the workplace, generally have their pick of organizations to get onboard with. NFL teams brand themselves so that potential players know the team’s positive aspects and why they should want to sign with them. The same practice holds true for employers – brand your company through your website, job description, and interactions with candidates so the benefits of working with you are clear.

Recruit Players

NFL coaches don’t wait until they suddenly have a gaping hole in their roster to start looking for players to join their team – they actively keep their eyes out for fresh talent. If you want a Pro Bowl worthy workforce, you can’t rely on the hope that top candidates will be job searching at the precise moment you have an opening. Instead, focus on consistently building a pipeline of candidates through networking, resume banks, or staffing services.

Focus on Speedwork

It can be a blow to your workforce if top prospects either don’t follow up after you contact them for an interview or end up turning down your job offers. When candidates show preliminary interest only to not pursue your company, it’s generally because of a slow and inefficient hiring process. Prioritize timeliness when making hiring decisions to prevent losing top candidates to other organizations that made quicker offers.

Coach Effectively

Getting top candidates hired in as employees doesn’t mean the hard work is over – it’s just starting. Once they join your team, it’s essential to manage them effectively to maintain their motivation and keep their performances at a top level. Communicate expectations clearly, provide consistent feedback, offer skills development opportunities, and simply express your appreciation for their hard work.

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