A List of the Biggest Hiring Problems Companies Will Face in 2016

A List of the Biggest Hiring Problems Companies will Face in 2016

A lack of strategy in your approach to hiring could cost your company its opportunity at getting top talent in the door. Quality candidates with in demand technical and soft skills can’t be taken for granted in 2016 or you risk losing out of them to competitors with more appealing processes and offers. Learn about the biggest hiring problems companies will face in 2016 and how to successfully tackle them to attract the best candidates:

Dry Candidate Pool

The candidates with the necessary technical expertise, soft skills, and personality traits for your company culture will not be an easy find in 2016. Simply posting a job ad and hoping for the best may yield numerous candidates, but not necessarily the ones that fit your needs. Be prepared to be more active in recruiting by forming relationships and consistently building a pool of candidates, rather than waiting until you’re ready to hire.

Aimless Assessment

Bad hires are costly, in both money and time wasted, so a major challenge for hiring managers to overcome in 2016 is determining an effective screening process for evaluating candidates in an objective manner.The more you can remove the subjective judgmental calls from the hiring process, the higher the likelihood of making an informed and confident decision. Focus on determining the most necessary skills/traits for a particular position, and prioritize the assessment process to stick to the most important criteria versus relying on gut feelings.

Ineffective Process

With a more favorable job market, candidates are less likely to tolerate a hiring process that they feel does not value their time and effort. Candidates who have a poor experience, such as an excessive number of interviews required or not being kept in the loop if expected timelines are delayed, may not only not end up not wanting to work for the company, but may tell others about their experience. Treat the candidate experience with the same amount of care as if they were customers to prevent damaging company branding and losing out on top talent.

Unappealing Offers

Companies risk losing top candidates in the final stages if they do not update their job offers to be competitive and aligned with what truly motivates talent in 2016. Salary is certainly a mainstay, but a comprehensive compensation package is key.Examples include benefits, paid time off, flexible scheduling, remote work, or even a positive company culture. Be prepared to make persuasive offers, rather than trying to get candidates the lowest cost.

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