February Survey of Companies Indicates Positive Outlook for Growth and Hiring

Industry Survey - Post 1

Despite the recent slide in the US stock market, US businesses are still optimistic about hiring in a recent poll conducted by Spectrum Staffing Services.

In a national poll with a sample of companies from the pharmaceutical, medical device, engineering, insurance, accounting/finance and technology industries, projections indicated a positive outlook for growth and hiring.

In regard to temporary or contract hiring, it was indicated that 35.7% of the respondents expected their contract hiring to increase while 57.2% expected hiring would be the same as 2015 levels and only 7.1% expected a decline in contract hiring.

For direct hire, the numbers were slightly more conservative with 35.7% indicating an increase in direct hire and 50.0% indicating the same level of hiring as 2015 with 14.3% projecting a decline in their direct hire efforts.

In questioning the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), 84.6% reported their organizations were not impacted and 15.4% indicating they were impacted by the new regulations. The number one impact cited was increased reporting responsibilities.

It was noted that most of the respondents offered healthcare coverage prior to the implementation of the ACA