Science Says: Your Brain Works Better In Winter


The notion that winter brings mental and physical sluggishness is a commonly accepted notion – but it may not be as accurate as it seems. Research from neuroscientists from the University of Liège in Belgium showed that the brain actually works better in the winter. Learn more about the mental benefits winter may bring to your workplace and overcome any self-fulfilling prophecies that may be holding your team back.


The research found that the brain’s reaction time was actually better in the winter than in the fall, which may indicate that the brain is more alert during the winter. This makes sense especially for employees in areas with adverse winter weather that requires them to be vigilant of road and sidewalk conditions or risk their safety. Employees may be able to utilize this in the workplace and make quick decisions even better in the winter then.


The notion of brain “fogginess” during the winter is contrary to the neuroscience research, which demonstrated that the brain shows a lower level of activity in the winter. At first consideration, lower activity levels in the brain may sound like a bad thing, but it’s actually a sign that the brain doesn’t have to work as hard and is on “auto pilot” in a sense. Winter may be the time to ramp up productivity goals and take advantage of this neurological efficiency.


Many people do experience changes in mood or attitude during the winter, but this may actually be more of a result of people’s held beliefs about winter negatively affecting their mindset. Since your employees may truly believe that winter is making them more irritable, they may in turn start believing that they feel that way. Sharing this research with your employees and empowering them to take control of their attitudes may help improve wintertime morale in the workplace.

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