A Few Tips on Interviewing | Is Your Best Candidate Lying About Their Skills?

A Few Tips on Interviewing Is Your Best Candidate Lying About Their Skills

Many hiring managers have horror stories of being blindsided when they hired a seemingly qualified candidate – only to find out they couldn’t back up their claims. The interview stage is pretty far removed from the actual work environment, so candidates’ abilities to say the “right” things isn’t necessarily indicative of their relevant skills. Use these tips to more objectively evaluate candidates on their skills, rather than going by their word.

Assess Their Skills

Include skills assessment tests as part of the interview process to ensure that candidates have the baseline level of expertise required for the position. A short online test won’t be intrusive or take too much time away from the interview, but can make you feel more confident in the candidate’s abilities.

Ask for Real-Life Examples

Rather than requesting that the candidate discuss their qualifications in a broad manner (i,e, “Tell more more about your skills..”), base your interview question strategy on the candidate providing specific, past examples. For instance, ask the candidate to walk you through one particular experience in which they dealt with a common scenario for the job you’re trying to fill. It’s more challenging to make up or exaggerate details of a specific story than it is to skirt the topic with a rehearsed, general answer.

Turn to Technical Experts

Bring in colleagues that play a different role in the organization than yourself, particularly if the role you are trying to fill is one that you don’t have hands-on experience having performed. Another person can offer a different perspective and bring details (such as the candidate having untrustworthy body language or not making eye contact when discussing certain skills) to your attention that you may not have noticed otherwise.

Preview Their Work Performance

If you want to feel absolutely certain that your best candidate is truly as good as he or she seems, evaluate their performance without making a commitment to hiring them by utilizing a contract-to-hire hiring method. With contract-to-hire, you work with a staffing firm like Spectrum who provides you with talent for you to work on a contingent basis to ensure they meet your standards before hiring directly.

If you don’t have the time to devote to implementing a targeted hiring strategy, turn to Spectrum Staffing Services to find the candidates with the right qualifications. We have been a trusted resource for some of the nation’s largest companies and their hiring needs for over 25 years. Our recruiters have industry expertise to find the top talent in scientific/pharmaceutical, engineering, and human resources/business operations placement. Contact Spectrum  today to learn more about our business and staffing solutions.

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