How to Prove Yourself at a New Job Like a Rookie in Spring Training

How to Prove Yourself at a New Job Like a Rookie in Spring Training


Major League Baseball spring training is underway. As teams prepare for Opening Day, rookies have the same priority as any employee starting a new job: demonstrating to their manager why taking a chance on them was the right one and instilling confidence in their abilities and attitude. Check out these tips on how to prove yourself at a new job like a rookie at spring training.

Maintain Recruitment Mode

Whether you’re on the field at spring training or stepping into the office, that hunger that fueled the fire to put forth your maximum effort to impress should only get more intense. A rookie baseball player doesn’t think he’s “made it” just because he was recruited – recruitment (or getting hired) just serves as an extended opportunity to start building a reputation in the eyes of the coach/hiring manager. Think of your first 90 days at a job as one long interview and put your best foot forward: be professional and enthusiastic.

Communicate with the Coach

MLB coaches and workplace managers have the same goal for their players/employees: to guide them to perform to their highest potential. Establish an open line of communication with your new manager. Ask what your priorities should be and be open to receiving feedback, good and bad, with the goal of using it to improve.

Contribute to the Team

Rookie baseball players who care more about becoming shining stars, as opposed to helping the team as a whole, are not likely to make a good impression. The same goes for new employees: don’t aim to just make yourself look good. Rather than trying to show off how talented you are, focus your efforts on contributing to the team. Be the first to volunteer, even if it’s outside of your scope, and make it a point to ask your coworkers if there’s anything you can do to help.

Study the Star Players

When rookies report to spring training, they’re crossing paths with experienced, well-known players. When you’re the rookie in the workplace, don’t be intimidated or judgmental of the “star players” – learn from them. The best way to predict how to be successful in any scenario is to understand what has been successful in the past. Sit back and observe the top performers so you can set your own professional goals as you acclimate into your new job.

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