Don’t Let the Fear of Change Affect Your Career Potential

Don't Let the Fear of Change Affect Your Career Potential


Even after putting in the work and honing your skills, it can be tough to take the next step and pursue a new opportunity. It may be complacency because you’re caught up in the daily grind and haven’t built up the motivation to move toward a new goal, or because you’re nervous about stepping out of your familiar comfort zone. Empower yourself to achieve your professional objectives by learning how to keep fear of change from affecting your career potential.

Determine Your Priorities

Avoid getting stuck in a never-ending cycle of only dealing with urgent, time-sensitive professional tasks by clarifying your overall objectives. Figuring out what you really want in the long-term in your career can serve as a wake-up call: if you don’t make it a priority, you could miss out and regret it. Write down your main career goal and refer to it when you catch yourself being too short-sighted.

Expand Your Skill Set

A common reason for fear of change in careers is because people are afraid of the additional responsibilities and expectations that accompany success. Become more confident in your abilities so you’ll be more excited about future opportunities, rather than fearful. Improve any skills you’re concerned about – take classes, practice on your own, or ask a mentor for advice.

Set Small Goals

Moving forward in your career doesn’t happen overnight, and an “all or nothing” mindset can make it too overwhelming to even start taking the first steps toward growth. Make the process feel more achievable by breaking down your main career goals into smaller, sub-goals that help you progress. One week you update your LinkedIn profile, the next your resume, and before you know it, you’ll be ready to start applying for jobs.

Enlist Support

You don’t have to conquer your fear of change in your career all on your own. Address what’s bothering you, and talk it out with someone who can offer you support. If you’re unsure of how to move forward at all, consider reaching out to someone who’s career you admire and asking for tips. People love to feel like they are considered examples of success and generally don’t mind sharing the wisdom they’ve gained.

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