How to Find a Job You Love So Much You’d Work For Free (A Tribute to The Masters)

How to Find a Job You Love So Much You'd Work For Free A Tribute to The Masters

“If the Masters offered no money at all, I would be here trying just as hard.” Ben Hogan

It’s that time of year when the world’s greatest golf players test their skills and demonstrate their prowess at the Masters Tournament. To get to this point, golfers have to devote a significant amount of their lives to putting in hard work and dealing with many disappointments along the way. Yet, professional golfers tend to have so much passion for what they do, they think of it as a privilege and not a chore. You don’t have to be a famous athlete to find a fulfilling profession – use these tips to find a job you love so much that you’d work for free.

Think Back to Your Childhood Curiosities

“I hope I’ll never get too old to want to take part in this event, and I don’t think that I will ever age that much.” – Sam Snead

People who find their jobs fulfilling typically pursue professions that align with their innate interests. Think back to what types of topics or activities appealed to you growing up. Look to the underlying theme, rather than the specifics, to determine what traits a job would need to satisfy your temperament.

Be Open-Minded to Different Opportunities

“It is nevertheless a game of considerable passion, either of the explosive type, or that which burns inwardly and sears the soul. “ – Bobby Jones

Let go of your idea of a specific “dream job” and find what you actually like by experiencing it yourself. Take a chance and try out different positions, responsibilities, and industries through volunteering, freelance work, or temporary assignments. This allows you the freedom to experiment and discover where you belong – it’s often not necessarily where you think until you try it firsthand.

Put in the Work

 “It’s a funny thing, the more I practice the luckier I get.” — Arnold Palmer

Finding a job is a process that requires consistent effort and success typically comes after many emotional highs and lows (i.e. the excitement of getting an interview, followed by the disappointment when you don’t receive an offer). Set up a job search routine and stick to your schedule. When the outcome isn’t what you hope for, put ego aside and review what went wrong and brainstorm solutions to improve – just like a golfer would after a disappointing Masters performance. If you keep practicing and making necessary changes, you’re more likely to get a job you love and won’t have to settle.

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