Can a Step Back in Your Career Actually Be a Huge Step Forward?

Can a Step Back in Your Career Actually Be a Huge Step Forward

Although many people think of their career progression as a ladder that they climb up, in actuality, careers are often a series of horizontal or even backwards moves before upward growth is achieved. A step back in your career isn’t an automatic setback. Strategic steps back can actually end up being a huge step forward for your career down the road if you approach the move with strategy.

It Can Set the Foundation for a Career Change

If you want to transition into a new industry or a whole new profession, you’ll have to sacrifice some seniority you may have earned at previous positions in order to gain the experience you need. Taking a step back in your career and pursuing an entry level or other lower level position can serve as a temporary situation that is part of your overall career strategy. For this to be a strategic move and not hold you back, focus on achieving results to beef up your resume so you can advance more easily.

You Can Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

When you have a change in personal circumstances, such as having a baby or needing to care for an elderly parent, taking on a more demanding and prestigious job simply may not realistic. Instead of trying to juggle it all and having it negatively impact your performance or professional reputation if you can’t keep up, it may be better in the long run to take on a job with less responsibilities but more flexibility. This can allow you the work-life balance you need until you’re ready to start climbing your career ladder again.

It Keeps You Competitive in the Job Market

The longer you are between jobs, the more challenging it can be to be considered by hiring managers. Resume gaps are often seen as a red flag because of concerns that your skills may not be sharp. Accepting a job that is a step backwards can actually put you in a better position for advancing your career than remaining out of the workforce and holding out for the same level position you had prior. Not only are you showing hiring managers that your skills are up-to-date, but you have valuable opportunities to network and be hand-picked for a job opening within the company.

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