Internal Challenges to Help Drive and Motivate Your Team

Internal Challenges to Help Drive and Motivate Your Team

The key to employee productivity is getting them personally engaged in their work. Prevent workplace indifference from setting in by shaking things up with some healthy workplace competition through the implementation of internal challenges. Internal challenges give your employees a fresh goal to work toward and can reignite their passion while sharpening their communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. Help drive and motivate your team with internal challenges, such as:


It’s difficult for employees to feel personally connected to their work if they are simply following orders. Present an internal challenge that gives them ownership of their ideas. Pose a relevant business scenario to your team, and then have them develop solutions and present them to you. For instance, you could task them with coming up with a specific idea for making an organizational system more efficient and giving an official proposal.


Get your team more passionate about their everyday responsibilities by creating a basic internal challenge based on their performance for a specific task. For example, an internal challenge for customer service representatives could be to try to increase the number of customers they get to fill out feedback surveys in a month. Focus on rewarding effort, as opposed to actual results, to prevent inadvertently making your team feel even less motivated if they don’t do well.

Career Development

Drive and motivation can sharply decline if your team doesn’t feel like their jobs are preparing them to ever advance professionally. Issue a challenge your team to tackle one career development item per designated period (such as once a month or once a quarter). It could be anything from completing a training course to just reaching out to one person to network.

Health and Wellness

Employees who fail to prioritize their mental, physical, and emotional health and wellness are more prone to burnout. Develop an internal challenge that encourages healthy behavior, such as: take a group walk at lunch time or drink a certain amount of water per day. All participants could be given an incentive for joining the challenge, but the real reward is them feeling more energetic and motivated to work.

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