How to Start Treating Your Job Search Like the U.S. Open

Comparing Job Search to the U.S. Open

It’s the time of the year for the U.S. Open, the annual golf tournament that takes place on such challenging courses that even the most elite golfers can fall short. As such, it requires a different, more focused approach for the golfers. These same factors can be applied to the challenge of trying to score a new job. Treat your job search like the U.S. Open with these tips:

Don’t Rush It

When pro golfers approach their ball, they don’t just quickly walk up to it and hit haphazardly – instead, they pause and reflect on their strategy first. This same level of focus is necessary for your job search. When you see a job you’re interested in, don’t just hurry up and apply immediately. Take the time to carefully review the description, decide on your strategy and how you should rework your resume, put in effort to ensuring your cover letter is top notch, and then submit. Applying for jobs isn’t a numbers game, it’s about quality.

Dedicate Yourself to Mastering

Having a powerful and accurate golf swing that drives the ball onto the green for every hole won’t help a golfer win the U.S. Open if they are unable to sink the putt. Mastering all facets of a skill is just as crucial in your job search. A compelling resume won’t land you the job if you don’t prepare for the interview, for example. Treat each part of the job search process conscientiously and with the same level of importance, from the application to the follow up after the interview.

Put in the Work

Ask any pro golfer how they achieved their level of skill, and they are all bound to have a variation of the same answer: lots of practice. They may have some natural skill, but it must be honed through repeated attempts until it becomes second nature. With a job search, practice is also key. Write different versions of your resume, stage mock interviews, prepare questions, research the company, etc. The more effort you put into it, the more successful of an outcome you’re likely to experience.

Remain Resilient in the Face of Adversity

There have been countless times when golfers compete in the U.S. open only to have a poor showing. The world’s best golfers have likely “blown it” at one point or another, but yet, they continue despite the disappointment or embarrassment. Sometimes your job search may not go your way. You may submit a cover letter with errors or freeze during an interview – or you could do everything right and still lose out to another candidate. To achieve your goals, opt to learn from setbacks instead of letting them hold you back.

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