What Can the Tour de France Teach Us About Hard Work and Personal Career Development?


As the Tour de France brings the world’s top cyclists together, you may admire them from afar but think your professional lives have absolutely nothing in common. But believe it or not, the lessons these competitors learn tend to be universal and can be applied to any professional setting. Discover what the Tour de France can teach us about hard work and personal career development:

Preparation and Strategizing

Cyclists who perform the best in the Tour de France know they need to plan ahead to determine the best steps to take. They don’t just decide to change speeds at random, but rather know when and how to pace themselves appropriately depending on the stage of the route. This can be applied to your career development – determine ahead of time what steps you’ll need to take in order to progress effectively.

Bouncing Back from Adversity

Injuries, bad weather, malfunctioning equipment, fatigue, etc. – a lot can go wrong during the Tour de France that contributes to unfavorable outcomes for the cyclists. Professional cyclists all likely have stories of disappointing performances that fell short of their goals. The ones that excel in their athletic careers learn from their mistakes, rather than let it get them down. Whatever mistakes or failures you experience can hurt or grow your career, depending on how you choose to handle them.

Staying the Course

If there’s one word that could sum up the Tour de France, it just might be: endurance. Cyclists have to stick it out and keep going, even when they feel tired, defeated, and want to give up. When you’re embarking on professional growth, endurance is also key. You may have setbacks and goals may take longer than you planned, but you have to stay the course if you want to achieve.

Remembering Your Purpose

When times get tough during the Tour de France, what gets the athletes through the grueling final miles is remembering why they chose to do it in the first place and what they get out of it. When you’re trying to find your way professionally, you may find lose motivation and get burned out. Take a note from the Tour de France and remind yourself of your professional purpose during those difficult times.

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