How to Reduce Your Nervousness During an Interview


Job interviews are understandably nerve-racking, as a lot is on the line depending on how well you perform: a desired job, paycheck, professional advancement, and more. And unfortunately, the more visibly nervous you are, the less likely you are to get the job. Nerves prevent you from demonstrating your confidence in yourself, and thus, make hiring managers less confident in your abilities as well. Use these tips to keep your cool and reduce your nervousness during an interview:

Do Your Research

Anxiety regarding the unknown is often at the root of nervousness during an interview. Research as much as you can prior to the interview so you have more of an idea of what to expect. Review the company’s website and social media accounts, the job description, and the LinkedIn profile of the hiring manager, if possible. The more background information you have, the more real and less scary the interview will seem.

Practice Expressing Yourself

Since job interviews aren’t typically something you experience often, it may make it challenging for you to communicate effectively within the unfamiliar confines of the setting. Reduce the pressure on yourself to come up with impressive answers on the spot and practice what you want to say, from the introduction to common interview answers to the questions you ask at the end.

Plan the Details

Even if you’re not overly nervous going into an interview, a small misstep, such as not being able to find the building or not having a copy of your resume of its requested, can fluster you. Take control by planning for the finer details. Map your route and estimated drive time, select your outfit and have it ready to go, make copies of your resume, etc.

Conduct Mock Interviews

With any skill, if you practice consistently, it will start to become second nature. Interviewing is just like any other professional skill and can be developed through practice, even if you feel like it’s not a natural strength. Alleviate your anxiety by having a friend conduct a mock interview. Record it and review the video to see which areas you can improve on.

Shift Your Mindset

You may not be able to control the immediate and often irrational thoughts that pop into your head that cause you to be apprehensive about job interviews, but you can empower yourself to change your internal responses to them. When you catch yourself getting worked up about a job interview, take a deep breath and remind yourself that it’s just a conversation between you and other people and not something to fear.

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