Why You Should Expand and Connect with Your LinkedIn Network


If you’re like many other professionals, you may have a profile on LinkedIn because it’s widely considered a best practice, but not know much about making it really work to your advantage. Adding connections or accepting requests on LinkedIn is just the starting point, but many professionals stop there and don’t proactively maintain relationships with their LinkedIn network. Learn more about why you should expand and connect with your LinkedIn network:

Job Leads

So many jobs are never actually posted to the public because hiring managers would prefer to save time and money by getting candidate referrals. By networking more on LinkedIn, you’ll be in a better position when you’re job searching to ask if anyone knows of any job leads they could send your way, or even better, be directly approached with possible opportunities when you don’t even ask!


Your LinkedIn connections can still be beneficial even if you’ve found job listings all on your own. Through LinkedIn, you may be able to find out the name of the hiring managers for companies you’re interested in working for, and see if you have any mutual connections who are willing to introduce you or put in a good word.


Sure, there are a lot of resources available online with best practices for a variety of career topics, but sometimes you may want answers a bit more personal to your situation than they can offer. With your LinkedIn connections, you can: post questions or peruse group discussion boards to gain valuable advice from professionals at a level you wish to emulate someday,  or even just to have others in similar positions with which to relate.


As you’re trying to determine your career path, it can be helpful to do some research to see how other people in related positions or industries progressed. You can look through your LinkedIn network connections’ profiles and take a look at their experience sections. This can help you gain insight into what type of experience you may need and how long you can expect to put in work at lower levels.

Networking is a valuable part of your job search, but it’s best to explore multiple options. Find new job opportunities  by teaming up with Spectrum Staffing. We are a staffing firm with over 25 years of experience matching candidates with the available opportunities from our nationwide clients. Get started today – search our current available positions.

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