The Secret to Remaining Productive When Half the Office is on Summer Vacation


Summer is prime time for vacation requests, and approving them whenever possible can help build positive morale and improve productivity as employees return refreshed. But in the meantime, the work doesn’t stop just because the employees responsible for it are out of the office. Remain productive when half the office is on summer vacation with these tips:

Plan for Coverage

Establish a process to easily keep track of your employees’ vacation schedules after you’ve approved it so you have more of a heads up than a quick reminder from them a few days prior. Cross reference the upcoming vacation time for the office and see where there are any deficiencies. Then you can see if you need to bring on temporary employees for coverage or if there will be enough staff.

Prioritize Tasks

Productivity during vacation times isn’t about ensuring that the workplace runs precisely as it always does, but rather that the most important duties get done. You’ll get overly stressed if you worry about every task getting done during an employee’s absence. Prioritize the tasks that absolutely must be done, and which ones can be left to employees to catch up on upon their return. This ensures you spend your limited time on the tasks that will yield the most important results.

Communicate Expectations

While vacations are necessary for your employees to unwind, their time off does not negate their professional obligations. Before vacation times, sit down with employees and let them know your expectations on what work needs to be handled before they leave to prevent their vacations from causing a significant negative impact to overall productivity and the workloads of their colleagues.

Set a Good Example

Your employees look to you as a manager for guidance on how they should act. So if you personally start to let things slide a bit because you’re in vacation mode or you act irritated or stressed by the workload due to others’ vacations, they are likely to follow your example. Try to stay as an engaged and upbeat in front of your team so the office follows your lead and stays productive.

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