Are These Habits Killing Your Daily Productivity?


With multiple competing priorities on your To Do list and a limited amount of time in the workday to complete them, you need to make sure the effort you put forth is producing maximum results. Even with the best of intentions, you may be undermining your goals and wasting valuable time that could be better utilized. Be on the lookout for these habits that could be killing your productivity at work.

Prioritizing Work Over Health

When you’re dealing with a massive workload, it can seem like skipping on healthy meals or sleep will help by giving you more time to work. However, neglecting your health can end up making your performance suffer by making you prone to mistakes because you can’t think clearly and putting you at risk of physical health issues that require time off.


Spreading your attention out by trying to juggle various tasks at once can kill your productivity. When you’re multitasking, you end up shortchanging the quality of the work you’re doing because each task is only getting a fraction of your effort. If you want to see real results, focus all of your energy on a single task before moving on.

Keeping Clutter

Whether it’s physical clutter on your desk or digital hoarding of excessive files and emails, a messy workspace can hold you back from getting things done. You’ll likely waste valuable time searching for items you need, plus a cluttered environment can create stress and make it more difficult to focus. Taking the time to organize your items appropriately can significantly streamline your future efforts.

Excessive Email Checking

The constant interruption of emails coming in can pull you away from a task, and requires additional time to get focused once you start back. Check your email at set intervals instead of feeling the need to review them the moment they come in. You’ll also get the bonus benefit of forcing yourself to take regular breaks from other more mentally intensive work, and give your brain a bit of a rest while you respond to a batch of emails.

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