How to Weave Yourself into a Friend Group When You’re New in the Office


Having a cordial relationship with your colleagues can make you more productive and satisfied with your job. Even if you’re confident in your ability to perform at a new job, integrating into the company culture can be a challenge. You’re tasked with trying to observe the norms so you don’t commit faux pas, while also figuring out how to fit in with a group of colleagues that has a dynamic of familiarity. Weave yourself into a friend group when you’re new in the office with these tips:

Show Interest

To foster a connection with your colleagues at work, worry less about how to present information about yourself and instead focus on learning about them. Asking questions shows that you have an active interest in other people, which makes you come across as more likeable. It will help people naturally lower their guards and enjoy interacting with you.

Accept Invitations

When you’re the new employee in the office, take every opportunity you can to get yourself exposed to people in the office. You can be a bit more discerning about what invitations to accept once you’re more acclimated, but at the start you should try to be present at as many formal and informal work-related social events as possible. Even if it’s uncomfortable at first, the more you’re around the group, the more natural your interactions will become.

Offer to Help

Groups of friends at work are at ease with one another, so it can feel awkward if you try to just jump right in and try to fit their existing dynamic. Rather than picking between feeling inauthentic or just remaining silent, start building your familiarity by asking if they need any help. Helping out other people allows you to engage with others in a more natural way so you have the chance to build a rapport.

Stay Positive

When you’re first making an impression, aim to keep your attitude as positive as possible. Avoid complaining, gossiping, or other negative behaviors. Since others at work don’t have a more comprehensive view of you yet, they could end up associating you with being pessimistic or cynical. Highlight your most uplifting attributes at first so you can start a friendship on a positive note.

Be Patient

Don’t let it get you down if you’re not making immediate connections. It’s unfair and inaccurate to compare how you fit into a group against those who may have known each other for years. Your relationships with those around you will grow organically as time passes, as long as you keep making the effort to remain approachable and interested in others.

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