Gain an Edge on the Competition with THESE Modern Job Search Tips


Certain job search tips are classics and will always be considered best practices, such as demonstrating a clear fit and being professional and enthusiastic. However, the hiring process as a whole continues to evolve, especially as technology has made opportunities more accessible than ever due to online job postings and social media – and thus, increasing the competition among job seekers.

Modern Job  Search Behaviors to Gain an Edge on the Competition

Get a Referral

The modern hiring process favors online applicant systems in order to be more efficient. The downside of this automation is that qualified candidates can be inadvertently filtered out, or the sheer volume makes it difficult to stand out. Try to bypass the online system, or at least supplement your application, by asking around to see if anyone in your network can recommend you for a job lead or introduce you to the hiring manager.

Market Yourself on LinkedIn

Historically, a candidate’s resume was their main tool to market their qualifications to hiring managers, but now it’s just one piece. Social media, particularly LinkedIn, has expanded the possibilities for job seekers. Treat your LinkedIn profile with the same amount of attention as your resume. This can help boost your chances for jobs you’ve applied for since hiring managers often perform informal online screenings of candidates they’re considering. Plus, it makes you more accessible to be contacted for job leads by recruiters.

Use Metrics

Let’s face it – the job market is often tougher than it used to be due to more people being in the workforce than in the past, because of factors like later retirement or more dual income households. When you’re applying for jobs, you can’t just list your previous responsibilities and leave it at that. To really stick out from the competition, support your claims of the value you would add if hired by including objective metrics. Try to use numbers whenever possible (such as percentage increases or rankings) and focus on positive outcomes you achieved.

Do Your Research

The vast wealth of information that is available online can be greatly beneficial to the modern job seeker. You are now in a better position to learn as much about a company as possible so you can provide the most compelling answers during an interview instead of generic responses. Take the time to look up companies online to learn about their history, products/services, and latest news so you can tailor your answers to be most applicable for their unique needs.

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