An Open Letter to Job Seekers: Four Ways to Differentiate Yourself During an Interview

Differentiate Yourself in an Interview | Scientific Staffing Agency

When you are extended an opportunity to interview for a job, you are up against other candidates whose qualifications are likely to be very similar to yours. That’s why it isn’t enough to just focus on providing straightforward responses that support your qualifications – your responses will probably be closely related to the other candidates and may leave the hiring manager having a hard time remembering who was who during the decision-making process.

Job seekers, here are four ways to differentiate yourself during an interview with a scientific staffing agency.

Practice Your Opening Introduction

The overall impression you give hiring managers is heavily influenced by the first 30 seconds or so. Your appearance, greeting, handshake, eye contact, and body language subtly convey your level of professionalism and self-confidence. Don’t improvise your opening introduction – practice until it becomes second nature for you to smile and make eye contact while you greet the hiring manager, introduce yourself, and give a firm handshake.

Guide the Conversation with Relevant Questions

A common misconception job seekers have about interviews is that they are only passive participants who follow the lead of the interviewer. In actuality, candidates who take the initiative and ask thoughtful questions throughout the interviewer can create a more meaningful interaction as opposed to a more formal question and answer session. You’ll be more memorable and get an opportunity to discuss topics that are most important to you and ensure you convey key points that may not have otherwise come up.

Provide Memorable Examples of Your Skills in Action

A simple but effective way to substantiate your claims about your qualifications during an interview is to respond in a storytelling format. Have specific real-life past examples ready to support your technical and soft skills. When your interviewer asks you about them, you’ll be prepared to give a compelling answer.

Show Your Passion for the Opportunity

Playing it cool can backfire during an interview. When hiring managers are comparing similarly qualified candidates, the level of enthusiasm displayed is often the deciding factor – they want to hire people who really want the job. Make it a point to authentically communicate your passion for the opportunity to stand out in an interview.

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