What are specific things employers in NJ can do today to build more diverse technical teams?

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Increasing diversity in the workplace is a top priority for many New Jersey employers, particularly in technical fields that tend to have a similar demographic. Many struggle with the dilemma of minorities, including women or older workers, not even applying. Employers in NJ can overcome this systemic issue and build more diverse technical teams with these tips:

Brand Your Company as Inclusive

Make your company identifiable as a place that values diversity through your branding. Communicate how the company values diversity through your website, social media channels, and job descriptions. Be present at events or form relationships with associations that push for diversity or minority issues.

Implement Flexible Policies

Workplaces often end up inadvertently lacking diversity because they have rigid policies that only fit into the lifestyles of a select population. Telecommuting, schedule flexibility, paid family leave, additional vacation time, and tuition reimbursement are ways of organically attracting a wider range of candidates who have a lot of value to add.

Prevent Unconscious Bias

Hiring managers are only human, and may find themselves drawn to candidates that fit their own preconceived notions or who are similar to themselves. Safeguard your assessment process by making it objective: create specific evaluation criteria to reduce subjective judgment calls, and include multiple people in the decision-making process.

Update Your Recruitment Copy

Take a look at the language you use in recruitment materials, including your careers page on your website, your job descriptions, and emails to passive candidates. The vocabulary you use could be unintentionally alienating some candidates. Avoid aggressive descriptions (i.e., “crushing the competition” or “elite, best of the best”) or overly defined or extensive qualifications that is a wish list, rather than actual requirements for the role.

Focus on Retention

Building a more diverse technical team doesn’t stop once the hiring decisions are made. If you get more diverse candidates to apply and accept your job offers, but they don’t tend to stay long, it’s wasted time, effort, and money. Devote resources to retaining employees. Solicit their feedback, regularly meet to discuss career development, and work with them to learn more about their personal motivators.

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