How Do I Get Hired After Being Fired?

Getting Hired After Fired | Jobs in New Jersey

Question originally appeared on Quora – Spectrum, one of the top temp agencies in NJ, offers our take.

Being fired can strike a blow to your confidence and make you afraid that no company is ever going to hire you again. If that were true, many current high-ranking executives and other top performers would be unemployed. Getting let go from a job does put the burden on you as a candidate to demonstrate to potential employers that you’re self-aware and able to learn from the experience so it makes you more successful in the long run. Get hired after being fired with these tips.

Give Yourself a Break

Being fired is an emotionally charged period, and can make it difficult to objectively approach the situation because it’s still too fresh and painful. Allow yourself time (a few days, a week, or whatever is doable in your circumstances) to just relax and come to terms with the situation before diving into job hunting.

Talk to Your Network

Bouncing back after being fired is easier if someone vouches for you. Spread the word to your professional contacts that you’re looking for a new job. Be honest but brief about the circumstances of your departure from your previous position, and see if they have any leads or referrals they could provide.

Reflect On What Went Wrong

To put yourself in a better position to address your firing in future interviews and actually grow from it, be objective and try to figure out what led to it. Reflect on what caused your firing, anything you could have done differently, and lessons you learned to prevent it from happening again.

Create a Compelling Resume

Once you are clear-headed enough to move on, prioritize your job search efforts on writing an effective resume. Review job descriptions you’re interested in and then highlight your qualifications that best align with it, using similar keywords. Focus on what you achieved when possible, and use actionable language (i.e., not “responsible for…”)

Be Prepared to Address It

Hiring managers will want to know about your previous employer. Be ready by preparing a concise response to why you left your last job. Discuss the situation in a neutral tone, give a brief reason, and what you learned that will make you successful in this new opportunity.

Fill in Gaps

The longer you’re unemployed, the more difficulties you may face trying to get work. Consider picking up temporary employment as a way to fill in the gaps on your resume. Additionally, you can get new experience, network, and increase your self-confidence by remaining in the workforce.

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