What Are Some Things a Company Can Do to Make its Culture Nicer?

Improving Company Culture

Question originally appeared on Quora.com – Spectrum offers our take.

As one of the most experienced temp agencies in NJ, we know just how important company culture is when it comes to mutually beneficial employment decisions. A positive company culture in which employees at all levels are nice to one another and treated with respect can not only improve recruitment and prevent turnover, but also increase productivity. Employees working in a nice company culture are not as distracted by interpersonal conflict, and are more likely to feel personally invested in their performance if they are happy in their surroundings.

Here are some things a company can do to make its culture nicer:

Give Everyone a Voice

The workplaces with the nicest cultures are the ones that value perspectives of employees at all levels. Provide all employees the chance to have their voices heard by facilitating an environment in which they feel comfortable to do so. Regularly solicit their feedback, and respond favorably when they take the initiative to speak up.

Model Respectful Behavior

Improving company culture starts at the top. If you want to make a systemic change, you and anyone else in authority need to be positive influences. Commit to setting a good example. Treat everyone with respect – your employees are watching and look to you to determine how they should conduct themselves.

Hold Everyone Accountable

Making your company culture nicer requires eliminating negative behavior. Clearly communicate the standards expected by employees and how they treat one another. Be dedicated to addressing all instances in which employees don’t abide by these standards. It’s crucial to hold everyone accountable – being inconsistent will make you seem inauthentic and your message won’t be taken seriously.

Encourage Social Interaction

The more colleagues know each other beyond strictly professional interactions, the more likely it is they will organically start being nicer overall. Give your employees chances to socialize and gain broader understandings of one another. This can include lunches, company-sponsored charity work, or simply just encouraging personal chitchat.

Hire Candidates Based on Cultural Fit

You can make all the policies you want, but at the end of the day, it’s the people in the workplace who determine the culture. When you’re making hiring decisions, go beyond hard qualifications and assess candidates based on their personality traits and how well they would fit into the culture you’re cultivating. Over time, your company culture will become nicer if you focus on bringing in new people who align with your vision.

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