Before We Get Too Far into 2017 Take the Time to Set Definitive Goals and Objectives for the Upcoming 12 months


Spectrum Staffing, one of the most experienced pharmaceutical temp agencies, has worked with countless candidates to help achieve their professional goals. Professional improvement starts with clear-cut intentions and planning. If you approach it aimlessly, you won’t have as much to show for your efforts. Take the time to set definitive goals and objectives in 2017 with these steps:

Figure Out What’s Important to You

If you actually want to stick to your goals and be happy with the outcome, they need to be meaningful to you. Don’t think about what you should want to achieve – instead, take some time to reflect on what is most important to you career-wise. More work-life balance? To advance and get a promotion? To have a job with less stress? A higher paycheck? Gain some clarity of what you consider success before you try to start goal setting.

Create Targets to Aim Toward

Once you’ve figured out the bigger picture of what you want to accomplish, flesh out some target goals that will help you measure success. If your main objective is to get a promotion, some targets could be to gain more management or other applicable experience, get the attention of your organization’s leadership, or go above and beyond in your current projects.

Narrow Down Actionable Steps

Your major end goals typically aren’t going to require one-time action. Break each of your main objectives down into the smallest steps possible. This prevents overwhelming you and making it difficult to get started or stay motivated, and provides a clear focus so your effort pays off. If your overall goal is to get a new job and one of your targets is to improve your resume, some actionable steps could include: research best practices, create a rough draft, have someone review it and give feedback, etc.

Hold Yourself Accountable

The beginning of a new year is filled with optimism; however, as the year progresses and you’re dealing with the reality of the work it will take to reach your goals, you may start to burn out and lose interest. This is especially likely for goals that seem especially far off. Stick to your goals. Hold yourself accountable by making them a priority. Schedule in time on a consistent basis to work on your goals – if you push it off, it’ll be the end of the year before you know it and you may not be satisfied with your progress.

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