How to Make Time Management a Priority (and Achieve it) in 2017


Not properly managing your time can cause you unnecessary stress at work and negatively impact your professional reputation. Whether it’s scrambling to meet deadlines or not making time for big picture tasks, not being deliberate with your time can prevent you from creating quality work. Achieve your goal of succeeding at time management in 2017 by prioritizing it with these tips from Spectrum, one of the top staffing agencies for engineers:

Prioritize Tasks in Advance

You can think more clearly about what tasks are the most important if you prioritize them the evening or morning before. Otherwise, you can get caught up in what feels urgent in the moment. Before you start your workday, decide what your top three tasks are going to be so you can give them your clear focus.

Work in Small Chunks of Time

People tend to underestimate how much they can accomplish in a small amount of time. This can result in either: holding off on starting until you have a lot of motivation to tackle a large amount of work, or working in long stretches of time without a break and getting burned out. Try working on tasks for small chunks of time (such as 15-25 minutes) at a time. You’ll be able to give it all of your focus and be less likely to procrastinate or make mistakes due to fatigue.

Reduce Time Wasting Temptations

Be honest with yourself: what are your biggest distractions that keep you from being as productive as you would like? Once you’ve narrowed them down, figure out solutions to help you avoid them. For example, if checking social media “for a few minutes” leads to you losing track of time, delete your saved passwords or block the sites on your computer.

Take Advantage of Your Zone

There is no one productivity method that works for all people. It’s all about knowing yourself and your natural tendencies, and then working with them. Consider when you tend to be at your most productive and have the most motivation to start projects and work on tasks that require concentration. Also take into account the times of time when you have a harder time being productive (such as the common 3:00 pm slump). Schedule your to-do list around your “zones” – if you’re at your sharpest mid-morning, use that time to work on a big project, and save less intensive tasks like checking emails for when you’re starting to lose concentration.

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